Our Strengths

One year’s Warranty & After Sales Service

One year warranty / After Sales Service for any manufacturing defect. Afterward, any periodic /as–required maintenance or repair of equipment service is available based on availability.

Competitive Price

We focused on sharing the profitability with our esteemed clients and thus we offer most attractive and most comfortable price range for each of the client group for our unique designs. Mostly, our prices are based on the economic condition of Bangladesh which helps us to be competitive within the furniture industry.

Five year’s Guaranty

Our major objective is to offer the qualitative goods to our clients and thus we ensure the quality in each step of our production line. So we are offering Five year’s Guaranty against wood-louse attack for our products.

Logistic Support

We are offering free deliver service for our esteem clients. Currently, we are offering free transport service only for Dhaka City and expecting soon we will provide free service within all over Bangladesh.

100% Seasoned Wood

It is well known that, Wood drying reduces the moisture content from the wood and thus woods are free from any sort of wood-louse attack. Thus we are using these seasoned woods to ensure the best quality.

Skilled Workforce

Innovation is the key aspect of our business and thus our team of professional Architects are working hardly to ensure the most innovative and supreme design for our furniture. With this innovative design our dedicated team of Engineers and Technicians are working to ensure the best quality output which will help us to sustain.

Hi-tech machineries

Using the most advanced and developed machines and methods we fascinated to achieve our quality success.

Automated production system

The technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum, a mechanical device, operated electronically, that functions automatically, without continuous input from an operator.

Knock down product

A knock down kit is a kit containing the parts needed to assemble a product.